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Bravo Cucina began humbly in 1996 as an evolution of Owner Chef Sam Bentroudi's vision. After selling Carmelo's in West Vancouver, he began anew in North Vancouver with Bravo Cucina Ristorante Italiano. Some may remember the opening restaurant with half it's current size! The food, service and ambiance continued to attract locals, with traditional and creative new dishes.


With popularity, Bravo Cucina expanded in size, added a patio for beautiful Pacific North West Summer nights and acquired some amazing talent, including Chef Mezzi, Chef Fabrizio, Manager Trevor and Head Servers, Walter and Whalen, whom if you haven't met, you will! Bravo has been in business for 26 years and has been evolving along with its local family. Whether it's the toddler that once ran around the tables who now greets guests as our hostess or the addition of new local wines and specials. Bravo is a marination of deeply rooted tradition and culture along with our ever growing families and modern palates.


Bravo will remain an intimate true North to enjoy an authentic moment of laugher, joy, eye contact, candlelight, the sounds of Frank Sinatra and the flavours of soul food.



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